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Learn to Manage Your Asthma

While there is no known cure for asthma, there are well-established methods of managing the disease. Because asthma is a long-term condition, managing it well means establishing a routine.

We understand that asthma doesn’t just affect your health physically; the threat of an asthma attack can impact decisions about travel, exercise and the myriad other facets of daily life.


Exercise and Nutrition

Although exercise is obviously conducive to health and general well-being, it can also be an asthma trigger. With efficient asthma control and management, however, regular exercise is possible. Exercise can help improve:

  • Lung and heart efficiency
  • Muscle strength
  • Endurance
  • Posture
  • Efficiency of muscular recovery

We have compiled a list of guidelines for exercising with asthma:

  • Start slowly
  • Ensure that you warm up before any physical exercise
  • Finish with a gentle succession of warm-down exercises
  • Build up movement over time
  • Be patient
  • Exercise in a ventilated area
  • Avoid areas of high pollution, or with high pollen count
  • Seek advice from your GP

Coupled with regular exercise, a balanced diet is essential to general health and well-being.


Daily Life and Asthma

  • Avoid areas of high pollution, or with high pollen count
  • Avoid tobacco smoke at all times
  • Incorporate Soltel™ administration into your daily routine
  • Ensure your home is cleaned regularly, removing dust and allergens
  • Limit exposure to pets where possible

Reporting of suspected adverse reactions
Adverse events should be reported.
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