How to use Inhaler

For patients prescribed this medicine.

How to Use Soltel Inhaler

1 Always use your inhaler while standing or sitting up.
1 Take the mouthpiece cover off. Is the mouthpiece clean and free of loose objects?
1 Shake the inhaler to ensure any loose objects are removed and to ensure the medicine is evenly mixed.
1 Put your thumb below the mouthpiece, on the base of the inhaler and breathe out as far as comfortable.
1 Put the mouthpiece between your teeth, without biting. Close your lips tightly to form a seal.
1 Take a breath, slowly and deeply, through your mouth. Just after you start to breathe in, press down firmly on the top of the canister. This will release a puff of medicine. Continue to breathe in steadily and deeply.
1 Hold your breath. While you do, remove the inhaler from your mouth. Keep holding your breath for a few seconds.
8 Wait 30 seconds before taking another puff of medicine. Just follow steps 3-7 again.
1 When finished, replace the mouthpiece cover.
1 Rinse your mouth with water to help avoid getting thrush or becoming hoarse.

If you have any further questions in relation to Soltel, please contact your Doctor or Pharmacist.

UK18/03/01. Date of preparation: April 2018